Umbraco & Relewise

Take your Umbraco site to the next level with Relewise’s intelligent personalization platform that delivers tailored and relevant online experiences through personalized search and recommendations.

With the specialized Relewise and Umbraco integration, you get a lightning-fast and intelligent platform that delivers an excellent user experience and still maintains all the freedom you need to develop a next-level tech set-up.

Relewise & Umbraco easy integration

Looking for intelligent search and recommendations on your Umbraco site? Watch Relewise’s Umbraco Release Webinar and see how you can implement and install Relewise 

Explore Umbraco & Relewise cases

The combination of Umbraco & Relewise has already proved its value with brands like Kop & Kande, BG Flux, Byggros, BG Group, HF Christiansen, and many others.

Kop & Kande
Personalized product discovery and product recommendations​

Kop & Kande is a leading Danish chain in kitchen appliances, tableware, and gifts. Their online store offers customers both home-delivery and in-store pickup. We are personalizing product recommendations both on-site and in newsletters while also utilizing Relewise merchandising features to further increase business value.
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HF Christiansen
One of the World’s oldest bike companies offering a current customer experience​

HC Christiansen is selling bikes and spare parts of Danish and international bike brands. This makes their B2B shop an essential tool for bike shops using it throughout the workday. A personalized experience through both Relewise product discovery and product recommendations ensures a smooth customer journey.
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The flexible CMS that grows with your business

With Umbraco, you’re in for a future-proof, flexible, and cost-effective open-source content management system.

Loved for its intuitive editing experience, freedom for developers, and seamless integrations, Umbraco unlocks a world of opportunities for your website – and your business.

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