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About Vertica

We strengthen our customers’ business and make IT and business come together. We do this by combining business understanding, user insight, technical development, good project management and integration to existing IT systems.

Vertica has offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus, where we house everything from strategic advisors and structured project managers to creative digital designers, certified developers and experienced integration consultants.

When our customers launch new e-commerce solutions, it is with the ambition to create the best platform in their industry. At the same time, we focus on omnichannel, so we ensure a strong interaction between all your platforms. That’s why our customers have won the e-commerce award 12 times.

Some of our Case Studies

Coop is the largest retailer of consumer good in Denmark. We are personalizing the customer experience on Coop MAD with more than 8.000 products and specialty stores, through product recommendations and sorting of search results. Everything taking the inventory of the local store into consideration and never recommending products than cannot be delivered in the timeslot.
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Head of XX
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